We are a group of young people distinguished by enthusiasm and creativeness. We have a strong sense of responsibility to provide quality tourism product.

Our vision is:

  • to utilize internet and social media to introduce a freshness in the tourist product with innovative methods.
  •  to highlight new destinations
  • to enrich the tourist product offering quality values (seminars on ancient Greek thought and philosophy)
  • to contact the unknown civilization and the magnificent nature of the Greek mainland with folk music, folk musicians with traditional instruments and acquaintance of foreign tourists to native.
  • and finally to build bridges to everywhere Greeks abroad.

Our mission is:

We dedicate efforts will make people who love to travel and appreciate the quality of the experience. We have select destinations good practices and monitoring of the quality of services and their implementation is on our top priority.

We are availiable for anything you need!                            

      Wir sind Mitglieder von:

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Email: info@tripway.gr, Tel:+(30) 2315 53 44 33.

Keramaris Stefanos – Sales Manager

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